ID Please


I need the ID and if possible a free download link. :) Thank you!


Wrong place to ask for free download links.

Sorry for the dark IMG btw - it's all I got. I don't know why it's the wrong place to ask for it. But I need the ID nevertheless.
I'd be also very satisfied by getting another suggestion to a similar font... which should be, again, free.

I assume he means (thank you, Jan) that font piracy is not acceptable on Typophile.

People who refuse to pay for a font no matter how good it is don't really belong here.


I don't need exactly THIS font. Every font which is at least a little similar will do quite fine. So I don't want it pirated. I just don't use it in a professinal way so I don't want to pay 30$.

Good to know.

What about just a "system font", then? Like Times or Georgia.


Georgia is a good alternative. I add some: Garamond (should comes free as PC system font too), some Caslon (free with MAC OS), Hoefler Text ([[|free with MAC OS X]], thanks Jan!), Cambria (PC), [[|Google Web Fonts directory]] (use "serif" as filter: [[|Lusitana]], [[|Radley]], [[|Ovo]], [[|Average]], [[|Unna]], [[|Merriweather]], [[|Lustria]], [[|Neuton]], [[|Droid Serif]], [[|Volkorn]]...), [[|Serif category at Fontsquirrel]]