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ID Please


I need the ID and if possible a free download link. :) Thank you!


Wrong place to ask for free download links.

Sorry for the dark IMG btw - it's all I got. I don't know why it's the wrong place to ask for it. But I need the ID nevertheless.
I'd be also very satisfied by getting another suggestion to a similar font... which should be, again, free.

I assume he means (thank you, Jan) that font piracy is not acceptable on Typophile.

People who refuse to pay for a font no matter how good it is don't really belong here.


I don't need exactly THIS font. Every font which is at least a little similar will do quite fine. So I don't want it pirated. I just don't use it in a professinal way so I don't want to pay 30$.

Good to know.

What about just a "system font", then? Like Times or Georgia.


Georgia is a good alternative. I add some: Garamond (should comes free as PC system font too), some Caslon (free with MAC OS), Hoefler Text (free with MAC OS X, thanks Jan!), Cambria (PC), Google Web Fonts directory (use "serif" as filter: Lusitana, Radley, Ovo, Average, Unna, Merriweather, Lustria, Neuton, Droid Serif, Volkorn...), Serif category at Fontsquirrel