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Help Please identify this fonts

Help Please identify this fonts:
Top Priority:
Purple Text Vintage and Real Estate


Help Please Identify These Chunky Funky Fonts

Purple "Vintage Label" is http://Loki Cola free font by Dale Harris (1999)

"Real Estate" must be http://Cataneo BT by Richard Lipton, Jacqueline Sakwa (1993), available from Bitstream and Tilde

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Whoa! thank you so much my brotha, 2 of these are free fonts , thankyou so much.

"1934" & "UNIQUE FLAVOUR" (including dust & scratches) is http://Carnivalee Freakshow by Christopher Hansen (free for personal use)

"LIQUEUR" & (black) "LABEL" must be http://Stencil by Gerry Powell (1937) available from Bitstream, Adobe, URW++, Linotype, ++

Loki Cola smells like outline theft. If that's the case please don't recommend or use it.


Hrant -- another accusation -- is there an original or commercial version you could recommend? You are making us paranoid and unhappy with these drive-by messages...

thats because you cant spell hrant without *rant*.

Loki Cola smells like outline theft

I think it looks more like an autotrace job.

What was the original -- besides Coca Cola adverts?

Jan, it could be an auto-trace, but:
- Of what? The Coca-Cola logo only has a few letters.
- It's much easier to open an existing font and mess it up.

- Did you notice the numerals?... They might actually be part of the font.
- Same issue with the other "Vintage"...

is there an original or commercial version you could recommend?

Of that garbage?

I didn't say it was a clone - I just think Loki Cola re-uses outlines from somebody who's actually dedicated to type design, and I want to help people stop promoting that sort of thing - if only on Typophile.

You are making us paranoid and unhappy

What is this, a hippie pot party?

What goes around comes around.
Please stop bringing it around here.

But I'm glad to finally see that you're not totally carefree.


Look at those Loki Cola glyphs and you will conclude they (e.g., DQ) were drawn by the designer based on vintage letters... from Coca Cola logo.

No copying, no scanning, just drawing. No numbers either.

Hrant: I was hoping to redirect or diffuse your negative energy which infects us all. Glad to see you acknowledge my influence...

Ah, but what about the lowercase? I don't think you're analyzing this robustly. Have you actually done any type design? Because for example if you try to make a "k" like that from scratch, you might realize there's more to it than meets the eye.

But, again, note that I was being tentative ("smells like") so I admit I could be wrong. In fact I just went back and added a "If that's the case" above - because that's the right thing to do.

No copying, no scanning, just drawing.

You don't know that. BTW that's what I considering unreasonably self-assured.

My energy isn't negative, it's protective. I'm countering the increasingly rampant negativity here against quality and commitment. BTW Jan, I think that's a much bigger reason Typophile isn't as vital as it used to be. Noting that I've been here -and about the same- for 12+ years.


BTW have you guys noticed something? The people asking for and getting IDs almost never engage is these discussions... Can you figure out why?


hhp - It's because we (all) go off on these discussions that are completely tangential to the original request. The OP's aren't interested in our talmudic pilpul!

Tangential? It's existential! It's pretty obvious: they're not interested in type, and they're not interested in Typophile. And too many of us help them too much, doing more harm than good.


You obviously are very upset with what this forum has become, what it does, how it does it and who it does it for.

I believe you'd be happier to not come here so often...

You must be mistaking me for a spineless peon.


Not at all --just a participant frustrated with things going against his grain.

You are right, the OPs are "not interested in type, and they're not interested in Typophile" and we cannot make them drink the elixir. Holding their heads under water, belittling or yelling at them will not change things. Being professional will.

If the Forum makes their lives a bit easier by receiving the benefit of our expertise we are fulfilling our charter. If we could always get a "Thank You" that would complete the circle! There's not much more that can be expected.

Very well said, Dick.

One thing I am wondering about: Do you (plural) think that there is a way to convince people who are only hunting for a ID and intending to pirate the font that it would be better to buy a license?

I suspect that this is more than this board can do. You probably can’t teach people how much type means to you within a single forum thread. What’s the solution? Closing down the type ID board will also hurt those who buy fonts, but need to know what they’re called. And it would be quite a hassle to keep people from still posting ID requests on the other boards. You might combine this with a technical restriction that new members may only create new topics after a week or so, but again this would also hurt legitimate new members who have a quick question. Even if you succeed in effectively banning type IDs from this forum (or scaring away all those who ask), potential font pirates will just ask somewhere else and get the answer they want. Most of the fonts people look for are not that obscure. And will the remaining part of Typophile be any better then? Most users requesting type IDs indeed add little or nothing to this community, but they don’t really take away anything either. You might be right if you say that assisting font pirates earns this community a bad name. But many discussions also show that the distinction between (potential) pirates and honest, but clueless users is not as clear cut as it may seem. So what should be done?

There is no elixir; there is only our participation here - and every action matters.

Enjoying IDing fonts should not go against the grain of what Typophile can best do. What can it best do? I'm sorry, but to me IDing fonts hasn't been adding anything of value to Typophile - in fact it makes this place less friendly, Mike, to the people who actually make fonts! :-/

R.: Thank you for thinking clearly and openly. I'm not sure I have an ideal solution, but I think the most effective thing would be to "ghettoize" the ID section; not close it, because as you say the ID crowd would simply co-opt the other sections. People who are tired of me complaining about the ID crowd harming Typophile should like this idea, because I would never frequent their side (although I'd still have to warn people on "my" side about it as needed).

BUT: that would require restructuring the site, which these days seems like a pipe dream. And I'm not an extremist, I am in fact trying promote -actually, force- a practical solution. So what about this compromise:

I think we should all be able to tolerate "silent piracy". But there are cases where we shouldn't look the other way. And certainly not help any public offenders! Here are some scenarios:
- When a newbie asks for a free alternative to a commercial font, at least think twice. Who are you helping, and who are you hurting?
- Considering how hard it is to make a good typeface, for any free font a little red flag should go up: before you recommend it worry at least a little bit about where it might have come from; and don't have an allergic reaction when somebody brings up the possibility that it might be a case of outline theft (in fact it's often really quite clear to people who have been oogling type for 30 years, when most people have no clue).
- When a user acts like piracy is OK, or they mention that they ended up finding that commercial font for free, all of us should pounce. Sadly this almost never happens! No need to insult the user, just make our displeasure clear. Clarify that this is a community that thinks there's more to type than simply using it; we care where it must necessarily come from: effort! The users who leave as a result were really not meant to be here; some of them will start respecting a demographic they were barely aware of before - or at the very least keep their mouths shut; and some of them will keep doing it - those should really be ejected.

A little bit of integrity and mindfulness, keeping in check the titillation apparently felt by some in helping ID fonts with no regard for any consequences. It's not about being squeaky-clean - hey, I'm no saint! But there's just not enough respect for type around here lately, and we should make an effort to restore it.


There’s only one thing that makes this place less friendly for the rest of us, and that’s Hrant.

I think you spilled your cocktail on your birkenstocks.


If you don't act on cases like that, your (plural) supposed concern for the welfare of type design and Typophile is very difficult to take seriously. Please do not trade integrity for "friendliness".


First you call us dumb and now accuse us of not appreciating the value of type enough to your liking. Hrantophile. You talk about cases that you don’t even bother to check on. You are on a stupid crusade. I will just ignore you from now on.

I however will not ignore your convenient and destructive "everything is OK" attitude.


Why don't you fight Google. They are giving away so many well-done fonts nowadays... Our onsy-twosy free links are puny and inconsequential.

Many of us do have a problem with Google's font strategy. However, at least they pay type designers, and as far as I can tell there's no plagiarism involved. In fact I've been contacted by Google font people to opine on font submissions, and in one case they declined to carry it because I raised a red flag. That impressed me.

But anyway:
- Google isn't here. You are.
- Shucks, nobody told me I could only fight one thing at time!


So they bought you by their attention and now they are OK?

"A problem with their font strategy" ????? They are bigger than a bread box and you only have "a problem"? I don't know of their payment rules but understand they do ask for donations from users.

How about all the open type people? A problem there or not??

Quote: "Our onsy-twosy free links are puny and inconsequential" to these give-a ways.

So they bought you by their attention and now they are OK?

Actually I did that for free. Because I wanted to help them do the right thing, which they did - and that's why they're OK.

I actually have friends among the open-source people - even though we don't see eye-to-eye on everything - but I can work with them because they also don't like plagiarism. In fact I'm currently in contact with one of them concerning the organization of classes for educating people in type design, not plagiarism.


BTW have you guys noticed something? The people asking for and getting IDs almost never engage is these discussions... Can you figure out why?
i posted and then went to life,Dont have to jump to any conclusion , Not all those who ask for IDs are ignorant people ,moreover i logged in today and was surprised to see new 29 comments, Fvilankis already helped me identified all fonts and right after him you started this shit assault followed by a series of comments. This is how you are topping typophile. i hardly saw you recommending fonts to anyone instead you post critiques bestby.

What would you do with my recommendations?


Get them

We all* know what that means, and there's your answer of why I don't ID fonts for roaming pillagers. Pardon me while I rank helping type design and Typophile above helping you.

* Including Dick, Jan and Mike, who however choose to look the other way.


what do you know, you know nothing, i have to raise a request and my company will get the licensed font for their clients.

Ah, but what about when you have to pay? But frankly, if you do avoid using fonts that are plagiarized then you're a better man than the people "helping" you. Plus you'll be gone soon... but they won't.


Why i pay, i get salary for my work and font cost is included in design fee the company charges from their clients.
Talking of plagiarism, Helvetica might be plagiarized from arial according to you.

Yes, and you're Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt.


Unrelated comment.