Z-Channel font

Hello everyone!

I was wondering, if anyone can help me with a font that I can't figure out myself.

I'm talking about the 'CHANNEL' subline beneath the prominent 'Z'…

Any ideas regarding the classic zeeeh-channel? ;-)



z-channel1.png: very generic, could be as easy as Helvetica Condensed Black. More of the same: Inserat, Impact

Hey there —

Yeah, I already tried Impact, but the 'C' doesn't fit… I'll give your other suggestions a shot.

Thanks :-)

z-channel2.png: don't know this one, could even have been a custom logo. Some similars: Base Runner, Liquorstore, Powerstation

Thanks man, you helped me a lot!

I tried Helvetica Inserat and Helvetica Condensed Black and it's going to be one of those two. Not sure yet which one to choose, both look alright and I guess an untrained eye couldn't spot the difference :-)

Agree. And if you add some vintage/screen/TV post-treatment, that should do the job.
For the second one, that would probably easier to entirely redraw/trace it as it's "only" straight lines. Start with a square shape to keep proportions, duplicate on purpose to recreate each letters and finally cut /C and /A external angles.