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Looks simple, and it probably is to everyone here, but...

There are some subtleties.

Can anyone help identify this font?


What program did you use to create this graphic?

I captured it as a screen shot.

But you did typeset your sample, didn’t you?

I was given a word document with the typesetting on it and I was told it was Nanum Myeongjo, which I can find on my Mac, but ... in Word and (more importantly) InDesign, neither recognise the font and tell me it is a Korean font?

They display it in English if I choose English, but whilst some letters are similar and some seem to be the same, some are very wrong (e.g. 'S') and the formatting is completely wrong... meaning different vertical and horizontal scaling of letters next to each other and much 'bolder' looking and the kerning and tracking much narrower.

I am confused and thought my computer maybe defaulting to something like Cambria in some sort of modified form.

You might check out the versions Google is giving away:

Thank you.
Much appreciated.

does InDesign not recognize the font, or is it listed waaaaay at the bottom with the other foreign language/system weirdities?

Well, as a Korean language font, it is a "foreign language/system weirdity"... is that how they're sorted? It just happens to have a Roman typeface you like. Happens all the time.

i can't give a screen snap at the moment but yeah, all the chinese character fonts are at the bottom of the font list. there are all the "normal" fonts, then seems like a divider line, and then those. they're all named strangely but do contain some roman characters. i believe they're installed with InDesign or in the Mac OS because I certainly never added them :)

Me neither, but some come with Windows for instance... and they're *Free*.