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Can't find this font


Error message

Notice: Undefined index: dest in freelinking_external_callback() (line 27 of /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/contrib/freelinking/plugins/freelinking_external.inc).

I cannot find this font anywhere. Please help. Thanks


You probably already know, then, that the top font is Snapper Script?

Still looking for the Evergreen font ...

And the vergreen ating mporium is LHF Mister Kooky by Chuck Davis with adjustments. http://. (How do you compress these links?)
There likely is an aligned font someplace out there. No idea on the /E ...

Dick - My head said Letterhead, but I looked at and missed Mister Kooky. Well done.

I suspect that 'E' is actually a 'c' (or 'C') with a tacked-on lower half (that also looks familiar).

Good thought. C with a tacked on c. It's not Mister Kooky which comes close however.

does the E look like a modified & to anyone else?

Or a combination of Ce ...

>How do you compress these links? http://snipurl.com/26608se

In most cases, http:// can be replaced with www. and the trailing forward slash omitted to save 4 more characters.




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Thanks. I received another answer:
@a href='URL' target='_blank'>Description@/a>
where @ is <
Works nicely...