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Help Identify This Font

Does anyone know this font? I think I'm in love, lol


Mouse Deco (Regular)
FMF Link
Direct link: http://www.dafont.com/mouse-deco.font

Thank you!

Dick, it seems that Mouse Deco is derived from a proprietary font commissioned by Disney called Kem Weber. I think it's extremely unlikely that Disney (and/or the designers of Kem Weber, Terry Graboski and Ian MacGillivray) have authorized Mouse Deco, so you should think twice before promoting it, and Lana should preferably resist the convenience of using it.

Reading the comments on Mouse Deco on Dafont, it seems that Ferrera has -tellingly- had the sense to decline the numerous lucrative offers to pay for commercial usage of "his" design. Maybe that sort of decency can rub off on you.


Tell Dafont to remove it.

I don't frequent Dafont. I frequent Typophile.


Oh, ok! Thanks for informing me. I don't really know a lot about fake fonts, etc. Won't use it then!

That's very nice of you. Please infect Typophile with your correct attitude! :-)

So you see, guys, I can be friendly, but only to people who deserve it.
Really freaky, huh?