Blackletter suggestions

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I'm looking for a blackletter, preferably bastarda, to use for display type in a book project about 15c Flemish painting. Here's the thing: I would really like to use a type of explicitly Flemish origin, and that's proving harder to find than one might expect.

The closest I've gotten is TEFF's Bugundica. It's got just the character I want, but of course isn't Flemish. It's also a little more expensive than the budget of this project can support.

Any ideas?

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Waaaaait a minute. I interpreted Burgundica's origins incorrectly, with the idea that the name referenced the French region of Burgundy, and being unaware that the Duke of Burgundy controlled Flanders in the 15th century. Actually reading TEFF's description of that type makes it clear that it's pretty much exactly what I want and I should just bite the bullet and pay for it.
So: nevermind.

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Solid decision!


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