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Help With Self-Published Textbooks Please

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Help With Self-Published Textbooks Please

Hello --

I am publishing a set of self-study guides for standardized exams, such as the SAT and the GRE, and would love some thoughts on coming up with a combination of fonts that might work well for the project. The books are fairly complex, and designed more like magazine articles (with asides, pull quotes, short quizzes, etc. scattered throughout), than like straight narratives. I need fonts for the following--

Main body headings
Main body text
Pull quotes
Heading / body text for secondary articles (not sure of the official term for "secondary articles" -- basically shorter lessons that are separated out from the main lesson - each about a page or so)
Heading/body for drills, quizzes, etc.

For whatever reason, most of the books in my field have been put together with very little thought or effort put into design (think 10 point times that runs across a full 8 1/2 inch page) and I feel that I can definitely set myself about by making some smart type and layout decisions -- of course, being a novice and admittedly a person of limited design sense, I could really use some help --

The impression I need to make is that the material is authoritative, smart, and personally/carefully crafted, in that order of importance.

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts and help. If it helps, some of the fonts I gravitate towards personally (not necessarily for this project) include Adobe Garamond, Minion, TheSans, and FF Din.

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Considering who this is for (HS and college kids) don't discount the advantage of appearing "fun" - in fact that's one good way to stand out from the drones.

But "fun" doesn't have to equate to stupid, or hard-to-read. If you don't have too much continuous text, this might serve you well:
(Disclaimer: I had a hand in it.)