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Does anyone know what this font is?

Does anyone know what this font is? See attachment.


Does anyone know what this font is? see attachment.

It doesn't look like a font, in the sense of letterforms that you could specify for printing. It looks like an alphabet that was purpose-built for those white plastic letters with tabs on the back to insert into black grooved signboards. It might not even have a name, if it's the only style of letters that manufacturer makes.

If you want a font (i.e., letterforms that you can specify for printing, the web, etc.) that looks like this, Cooper Old Style is pretty close.


I think you're half-right: the typeface is probably proprietary, but for engraving machines rather than prefab signage. In this instance, the letters themselves most likely appeared in the form of templates, similar to Leroy lettering…

I'd guess from the image that they're really peel-and-stick letters such as those now widely sold in stores that cater to scrapbooking. Made by Avery, EZ Letter Quikstick (if they still exist) and others.
- Herb

Apparently it depends on how your brain interprets the image as to whether you view the letters as stuck-on or engraved. I think Nick's right about this being engraved, it matches a common 3-line Roman style.