Can you identify this type please?

Please see attachment. Thank you


Auto 1 or Auto 2 (difference?)

-edit: Auto 2 as it seems to have the appropriate serifs.

It must be Auto 2 (Regular/Italic) from Underware, 2004

I found it using Find my Font -

It's Auto 1 and/or Auto 2.

I found it by reading the previous post(s).


Thank you!

I have one more for you guys if you're interested, please see attached.

Whitman doesn't look too far off.

(that's not it, but may work for you depending on what you need)

You guys are quick.

Alright, you guys were on it yesterday. I am trying to use my own judgement or programs when I can but sometimes I just can't seem to match, so I have this guy today, sorry about the small size, again, appreciate it.

wow. such a small image I can only try to guess at some things and let you go from there..

Fresco Sans

The high-quality screen rendering should nicely narrow it down to the handful of sources that can produce such work...


The text in the sample is from which uses the webfont Anisette Petite SC:

so, if you know the font, dare i ask why you're asking?

edit: derp. nevermind.... i forgot who started the thread!! time for a nap.

gargoyle, you're correct, thanks. I'm doing research for a website design of a friend. Thanks again guys.

Actually that screen grab seems to have been showing a "lucky size" for Anisette Petite SC; when I go to the site and zoom in/out, it mostly looks pretty horrible... :-/ So, "A-type", be careful about using it.