Help - looks like Aldus, but can't find exact match

Hi -- this is from a version of Siddhartha that I have in my house -- the font looks beautiful -- I've tried to match it up on my own, but with no success -- any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry the pic loaded sideways.

i lean more toward Palatino, but that darned y doesn't agree. and the funky serifed w. hmmm. one day i'll get good at this!

I'm going to guess that this is the pre-digital version of Palatino. When Palatino was redrawn for the computer it was revised and lost some of it's original character.

Pre-digital Palatino is indeed a match!
(from )

Here are some more samples:

The PS file includes the complete T1 font files.

Wow -- you all are truly incredible -- thank you defiantone, Josef, gargoyle, and Uli so much for your help --

I am a total novice, and I have a couple of follow up questions --

1) Uli, when you say that the pdf has the font files, does that mean that I can extract the font from the pdf and use it? I imagine so, but I didn't know that was possible, so I just wanted to check.

2) Would there be legal issues with me extracting the font and using it for a commercial product? I imagine so.

3) Is there any way for someone like myself to buy the license for a font such as this one that isn't currently put being sold through regular channels?

Thanks again all for your help.

i'd hate to assume, but in this case since the page linked seems to indicate that there's no license for it and that it was made into digital format for preservation, you can use the link also provided to download the files & use them. no?

"In 1992, a year before the bankruptcy in 1993, had the H. Berthold AG, the original 1950s metal type or hand-set version of the Palatino, which was sold in the 1960s as Diatype font disc and Diatronic font support yet quickly converted into PostScript Type 1 fonts. This Berthold Palatino 1992 (= Palatino 1950) in the PDF file Pala92.pdf (7 pages, 280 KB) is documented, which can also be downloaded as zipped PostScript printer file (1.5 MB)"

edit: provided of course, that you have the software and ability to use the .ps file that is there

and by the way, a quite lengthy discussion on this very topic in another older thread:

according to my findings, this is possibly the "new" name of the "old" font or recreation of it... not sure but you can download from there and other emphasis are available. legal? no idea.

Extracting the fonts might or might not be illegal and/or unethical. But redistributing the fonts might very well be both. For one thing, I think Linotype (so now Monotype) still owns the rights. So I think you could get in trouble, especially in Europe. And not getting in trouble doesn't necessarily make it OK...


Thanks hrant for the clarification -- I have no desire to fall into ethical or legal gray areas -- I just want to be able to use the font!

And thank you defiantone for all your terrific help -- I tried out Palazzo -- the individual letters all look very similar (though, to me, the w's are a bit different) -- but I just tried printing out a page of it and the overall impact seems very different from the original Palatino.

Interestingly enough, the book that I got the text from was printed fairly recently -- it was printed in 1997 -- I wonder how they got the font!

Ask them.


By the way, this is now being sold as Marathon Serial at Myfonts and other foundries:

I would have never found that on my own -- thank you so much Pablompallari! -- if I ever run into you, I'll buy you a beer (or a font).

I know it's hard to resist, but just know that Marathon Serial is potentially unethical.


Sean Cavanaugh's Softmaker story here:
Ethical? Legal? Judge by yourself....