Fontlab: single glyph much thinner than others/ appears to be stroked

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Hi all,

I'm creating my font by importing from AI -> Fontlab.

For some reason, the letter /T renders very thin compared to all my other glyphs as if it's been stroked with white. I quadruple-checked the proportions and even redrew the glyph in fontlab (i.e. no AI import) but to no avail. I also feel the stems of /V are a bit thin too, but not certain.

Is this a hinting issue? I haven't really delved into that yet.

Thanks in advance!

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Check the path direction. Some environments will render a reversed path direction as if stroked.

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Thanks John! It worked. I'm a beginner and didn't even know there was such a thing as contour direction. Time to flip through the fontlab manual =)

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