How to create Glyph in Fontlab Studio ??

Hi everybody !!
Im just join to 4rum !! :D
Because i'm come from VietNam, i speak english not well.!!
Hope you understand ! :(

I have a problems when work with Fontlab Studio 5.

I have Aphrodite Font, but it's english font !!
I can't write VietNamese language !!
So i'm changing it to VietNam but dont affect them.
Just add character to this font !!

But when i do it, i want to join 2 character to 1 group like picture !!
The sad thing, i dont know do it !!
Who can show me how to do it !!
Thanks so much !!

Last time, I'm come from VN so i speak E not well.
If i post this topic in the wrong location, please Admin move it to right location !!
Thanks all !!

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The "group character", called a "ligature", requires OpenType programming.
Make the ligature glyph, and give it a name that is the names of the two glyphs it will replace joined by _ (like "r_i"). Do not give it any Unicode value.
Open the OpenType panel and add feature "liga" if it is not already there. In it put the code:

feature liga {
sub r i by r_i;
} liga;

with a sub line for every ligature substitution you want.
Compile it, and test it in the Preview panel.

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Note BTW that Aphrodite is a commercial font, so make sure you only use the modified version yourself, and not give/sell it to others.


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Wow..!!! I have done it !!
Thank you very much guy !! :D

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@Hrant: Thanks for the reminder !!
Sure, i won't give/sell it to others ;)

Thanks !! :)

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