webdesign for adult escorte agency

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Hey guys,

this might sound a little unconventional, but I need some inspiration to design a beautiful classy sexy website for an escorte agency.

Since I don't get a lot of inspiration looking at other sites, because frankly all sites like that seem to suck (haha ) on purpose.

Since I'm a girl, I'm not that familiar with good designed sites like that.

Does anyone have some tips for me ?

Thanks !!

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Think outside the box (haha): what an adult escort site is really peddling is Objects of Desire. Consequently, look for inspiration from masters of the art, like Cartier…

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AnaBanana - are you working for the Hampshire Police? Joking.

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Since I'm a girl, I'm not that familiar with good designed sites like that.



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The nicest site I have seen for adult websites is flirt.com. Still raunchy of course lol, but for an adult site I was impressed.

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But if it were me I would research and stare at burlesque websites/photographs.

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Are you an experienced at designing web sites? If not, then my advice would be to hire a good web design firm who's portfolio has examples of beautiful, classy sites they've designed.

But if you want do-it-youself advice, I'd look for inspiration at websites that maybe have nothing to do with escort services but have the classy look you're looking for. Look for companies that have expensive or exclusive services and see what their sites look like.

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Did I say anything different?

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments ;)
No I do not work for the police :p

I was also thinking about more luxurious products, but still in the line of ... like agent provocateur ...

And yes I said "since I'm a girl" .... I was assuming men watch more porn than girls ;)
Not to sound sexistic or anything (haha)

Anyway, back to the topic ... It would be nice if you knew some sites from the top of your head or some fonts that would go well ...
Because I'm still in the brainstorming process ... whether to go for dark reds and pink or black and gold etc...
I was also thinking of looking at sites of clubs ... if you have any good clubsites you know, i would like to hear it from you :)

Thanks for the comments ;)
May you be inspired for some "sexy time" !

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This is the wrong crowd. We have trouble looking at the Victoria's Secret catalog because they use Trajan.


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Perhaps looking at sites of luxury car makers, art museums and high fashionistas might help...

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Victoria's Secret used to use Trajan, but at some point they dropped it in favor of something else—similar, but not Trajan, missing the extreme oldstyle proportions.

I agree with the general idea of getting inspiration from classy sites that have less extreme erotic content, if you don't find any good inspiration from other escort sites.

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Go totally eco themed ... it's all about recycling ...no?

Try something re...freshin'


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Elegant feminine script-typefaces. Another nice, classy but still sexy website is for example Coco de Mer. As said before me, there are great references to elegant sexuality in fine art.

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It’s not the (size of the) font, but how it’s used that counts. Or is that just something people with (small) fonts say?

~ Dean, C. T. (2007).

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