Football Club 50's logo typeface?

I am currently working on a university project. The badge first appeared on the covers of the Crystal Palace matchday magazine in 1955. Would anyone know what the typeface could potential be?


I have a feeling that was done by hand, look how the two A-s in PALACE and the two L-s differ from each other.

@Atwe yes you are right i found that mistake that how to A-s and the tow L-s diffrence. for more information click at

Totally agree with Atwe. Looks hand-drawn to me.
Some alternatives to work on, mainly redrawing /R leg (/P with top right quarter as leg?): Carisma, Contax Sans, Seconda, Euro Sans

Thanks for your quick reply. The 'R' and 'Y' are very distinctive characters . Like you mentioned it has been hand-drawn, but like most things the lettering must have been based on an existing typeface. 'Seconda' seems to be the closest from your suggestions.