Art Deco style Font ID

Found a couple of really close matches (Pacific Sans, Condor Comp, Engebrechtre) but the right leg of their letter 'R' doesn't quite match the one used here. Any clues...?


Please check:
I found it using: - Identify the font you are looking for!

More similars unfortunately: Obelysk Grotesk (/R close but overall not matching), Normandy (same kind of /R but same problem, off)
For the rest and part of this /R (which could easily be redrawn starting from /P and adding its top right quarter as leg), that looks pretty close to (if not matching) Pacific Sans, as you suggested.
Your chance is probably to contact Vanessa Pepin and ask her directly.

Thanks Ryuk, i'm not signed up to Behance but have tried to contact her through the website her portfolio links to. If I still don't get a response I'm surely it can be easily redrawn like you suggest.

WhatFontis - this was one of the fonts a found to be very similar but upon very close inspection the R is still slightly off.