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Looking for an internship at a type design firm

To Whom I may concern,

I am currently a senior at the American University Dubai, majoring in graphic design. However I have a strong liking towards type design and I was wondering if anyone could recommend good type design firms to intern at.

I was and still am working on a typeface that I created for my senior project.

The typeface that I am working on is based on the Devanagri script however is an adaptation to the latin typeface futura. I have worked independently on the typeface teaching myself how letterforms work. I was determine to get my basics right and therefore flew out to India for 5 days where an Indian type designer ( Prof. Mahendra Patel) guided me as I had no faculty member on campus or in Dubai to help me understand the script and build my sensitivity towards letterforms.

I want to make my typeface part of reality. I need a lot more experience and if I get the chance to be exposed to the felid will help me develop my skill a lot more.

As of now this is my most important project and it is based on type design and it is one field I want to pursue.

I have attached an image of what my typeface looks like.

I graduate in May and just gaining some experience in the world of type would be a great opportunity for me.


I have a better idea - do a Masters here:

I'm actually being serious - it's clear you're dedicated to type design, plus it seems you've nicely resisted the urge to make a highly Latinized typeface (a big temptation when dealing with something like Futura).


Off Topic!

Hrant, I'd like to read Elena Papassissa's dissertation on Armenian printing. I sent her an email many weeks before – no reply so far. Have you been in touch with her? Thanks for reading.

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hpapazian at gmail dot com :-)

(Sorry Noha.)


I'm going to second Hrant's suggestion that a more formal education setting will benefit you more than an internship, and the MA at Reading would be your best option in terms of the Indic expertise of faculty members and the extensive non-Latin archive. You might also look into their two-week Type Design Intensive summer programme as a taster.

With regard to your Devanagari design, I think it displays a number of problems with letter proportions and weight displacements. While you would likely learn some things about curve quality and technical processes in an internship, you'd be unlikely to get training of specific relevance to Devanagari.

Hi John

Thank for the reply =)

I know im mile stones away from perfection however if i got so far all by myself I feel like I have it in me to do this right. Im aware that my the script is heavy and does look off. I am fixing it again.

Will definitely take a look at the the summer courses available at Reading. But im not only looking at Devanagri only I want to learn about both. Maybe some sort of bi-lingual course. Im still pretty confused as what different aspects are there in type design. Thats why Im so into getting an internship.

However thank you for the reply was helpful =)

Hey! just wanted to let you know i took your advise and applied for the TDi course at Reading and I got in yaay =) lol.

What are you opinions about the TypeMedia Master at KABK, Hrant & John?

Oh boy. Can't ignore a direct question...

I think the most gracious way I can put it is this: if you want to quickly become qualified to make fonts in their style then the KABK program seems to work like magic. It's just that to me personally that sort of goal in life seems too formulaic; if you're young and influentiable you might never be able to get out of that groove... I prefer a more ideologically "errant" educational style, one that doesn't assume one year is enough. That style seems to be present at Reading - I regularly hear how the teachers try very hard not to direct the students too much, and you can see it in the eclectic set of fonts that come out of their program. I guess I value the process more than the results, because to me a student is supposed to have new worlds opened up for him, as opposed to merely making nice things. Another thing I value is non-Latin design, and KABK is pretty weak in that area, at least compared to Reading.

Caveat: Except for a guest lecture I gave at Reading last year my only real exposure to their program or the one at KABK has been through observation of the resultant fonts, but also many years of discussion with their respective teachers and students.


Hi hhp

Thank you so much for the reply. Was definitely not zoning out a MA in type design. I just wanted to experience the field for a bit as I graduate in May. My professor did suggest Reading and KABK. Not sure as to which one to apply to. However I was told that KABK was more hands on than Reading. As in Reading is much more theory based.

I feel jumping straight into my masters straight after undergrad is a bit. I could be wrong cause I've been told its always better to get some sort of exposure before you go ahead with your masters.

I really appreciate the help ! =)


@chris dean the full stop doesn't say much ?

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@chris dean : ohh.. okay =)

Perhaps you can attend one of the www.craftingtype.com workshops I'm putting on; the next one is in Portland in mid March and has Thomas Phinney as an instructor.

@abattis- thanks a lot, but i live all the way in Dubai might be a little hard.

Wonderful news! Congrats.


Well done Noha. Now all you need are a pair of black pants, some cool white shoes, and a gang of backup dancers ;)