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Looking for an internship at a type design firm

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Joined: 4 Dec 2012 - 2:15am
Looking for an internship at a type design firm

I am currently a senior at the American University Dubai, majoring in graphic design. However I have a strong liking towards type design and I was wondering if anyone could recommend good type design firms to intern at.

I was and still am working on a typeface that I created for my senior project.

The typeface that I am working on is based on the Devanagri script however is an adaptation to the latin typeface futura. I have worked independently on the typeface teaching myself how letterforms work. I was determine to get my basics right and therefore flew out to India for 5 days where an Indian type designer ( Prof. Mahendra Patel) guided me as I had no faculty member on campus or in Dubai to help me understand the script and build my sensitivity towards letterforms.

I want to make my typeface part of reality. I need a lot more experience and if I get the chance to be exposed to the felid will help me develop my skill a lot more.

As of now this is my most important project and it is based on type design and it is one field I want to pursue.

I have attached an image of what my typeface looks like.

I graduate in May and just gaining some experience in the world of type would be a great opportunity for me.

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