mehran muslimi virus dicussion

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how to create virus ??without using C..

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Viruses are terrible things that can be used for evil!

Thus, responsible computer programmers will only reveal knowledge about viruses to chelas that have proven their responsibility and good character. In fact, this sort of knowledge, to avoid burdening the guru's karma, is normally not transmitted directly, but instead results from the student's illumination as he is initiated into the mysteries of computer programming for good and useful purposes.

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Attempting to create a virus is lame, and even more so when you have to ask how it's done. There is no more such a thing as a "simple" virus -- writing one (fortunately) requires intimate knowledge of the targeted computer system, both hardware and running OS, and including all of its backdoors and vulnerabilities. These days, to write a virus you have to be a very competent programmer.

Competent programmers don't need to "ask" stuff like this, and most certainly not on a forum dedicated to Typography.

Also bear in mind that writing a virus is illegal and a punishable crime in most countries, because of the simple to grasp fact that, would you succeed in writing and dispersing one, you'd not only be 'stealing' bandwidth and storage space, but you could also do damage to software and hardware, and in the most extreme cases not only cause financial damage, but also "real world" damage, possibly with a cost of human lives. You might defend yourself with, "yeh but I'm just experimenting". Imagine your experiment runs amok and ends up in a hospital computer. People could very well die from that.

I wouldn't mind if the moderators remove this threat, erm, I meant to say "thread".

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