For the umpteenth time: Stylistic Set descriptive names

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No idea where we stand in the implementation of descriptive names for Stylistic Sets in applications.
But here's a question anyway:

As far as I know there are no specs on where in the naming tables to put them. Any name table ID can be chosen.
Here I also see a major reason why no one bothers to implement them because they don't know where to look.

Are there any conventions yet on ID ranges?

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No conventions are needed because a Feature Table can point, via its FeatureParams field, at a specific name ID. See the feature tag registry which also mentions which name IDs may be used.

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Okay, so given an FDK code snippet like below, will the FeatureParams field that you mentioned automatically point to the right name ID, given that in this code I don’t even point out name IDs?
In other words: Is this all code that is necessary?

feature ss04 {
# Stylistic Set 4
featureNames {
name 1 "Alternate german lowercase sz";
name 3 "Alternate german lowercase sz";

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It is as simple as that.

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Does anyone have any info on what applications display these name records in the UI?

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I don't know of any that do, yet. Certainly not InDesign or the like. Anybody else know of one that does?

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Maybe in the [near] future; there is one Adobe font with human readable names: Source Sans Pro

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I would not assume any correlation between the data being in Adobe fonts and support in Adobe applications. Adobe has had optical size data in OpenType fonts for over a decade now, and it is still unsupported by any Adobe application.

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