Kerning/ligature not working on MyFonts page

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I'm about to start selling my font Octant on MyFonts, but I've run into a problem. Wherever the font is used on the MyFonts webpage — both in the font sample windows and on my foundry page — neither the kerning nor the ligatures work.

From the website:

On my local machine, in PowerPoint:

Any idea why that would happen? And how to counter it?

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Kerning and standard ligatures should work fine. Some more complex OpenType substitutions aren't handled properly yet (particularly anything involving ignore subs, such as end forms and certain contextual substitutions). If you're on the staging site, make sure 'full OTL' is checked in the menu that drops down from the cog. That may or may not help. If it doesn't, the myfonts team are very helpful.

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Hi Dave,

checking the full OTL box doesn't help. In any case, the "Standard Ligatures" box was checked already, so I have no clue why they don't work. Also, the kerning should be "always on" as far as I can tell, so no reason it shouldn't work.

Finally, there are no such control boxes for the foundry name set in Octant (above), so I have to rely on that working properly on its own.

Is there any "rookie mistake" that comes to mind that could have this effect?

I have contacted MyFonts; lets see what they say.

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Wait — could it be related to this error message I'm getting when exporting the font OTF?

I always assumed this would only affect the characters with non-standard encodings (such as the T_h ligature). Could it be that this error screws up kerning in general?

Should I delete all non-standard characters from the kerning tables...?

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I've never had any trouble with unencoded glyphs in kern feature. I've looked at your font page, and the drop down menu that controls OpenType features (should be in between black and white squares and cog) is not there. This is probably at least part of the problem you're having. Whether it's a problem with the font or myfonts page, I don't know.

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OK, I've been told by the support contact of the Glyphs software that the lookup tables of my OTF files are damaged. I've received the metrics information in tabular form from Igino, and hopefully the Glyphs contact will be able to import them into font. We'll see if that works!

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Octant includes AAT features (morx and feat tables) rather than OpenType Layout features (GSUB, GPOS). Also, the "kern" table is in class-based AAT format.

AAT features (including the AAT-only class-based version of the "kern" table) only work on Mac OS X and iOS. They don't work on Windows, or in Adobe apps, or on MyFonts.

Has the font been generated using FontForge? It has some AAT support. You need to generate the font as "OpenType for Windows" in FontForge, or something like that, rather than "TrueType for Apple". The font will then have OpenType Layout features included.

Adam Twardoch

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Hi Adam,

thanks for your help! Indeed, the problem seems to be that I've been using FontForge. :P

I have been in contact with Rainer from the Glyphs support team now, and he's managed to convert my font into Glyphs and re-import Igino's metrics. I've recreated OTF files from the Glyphs file now, and I believe those should work well. I'm uploading them right now.


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