Possible Windows font, possibly embedded

Hi all,

I've been asked by a friend to ID the font used for the text in this screenshot. It's from a companion app to a game client on Windows 7 (my friend works for the games company - I think this is a case of mislaid-resource-archaeology). I don't think it's Arial just from the way the b and d render, but could be wrong.

I don't have a copy of Windows at hand to check how fonts render to produce this result, so I'd greatly appreciate some help in identifying it.




It must be a free "pixel font" named http://C&C Red Alert by N3tRunn3r

If you zoom in your image and take a look at the pixels, it looks like an exact match ;)

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Aha, thank you. I hadn't even considered it might be a pixel font - it does look to be an exact match though.

Thanks again.

It's more likely to be Arial, rendered at 12 ppem (9pt) with no anti-aliasing. At that size the 'b' and 'd' render the same as in the sample.

Exact match? What about the "N"?
Justin is probably correct.

As for C&C Red Alert, if you note certain strange things (like the warped "x", the closed Euro, etc.) I'm guessing it's a quick auto-trace of Arial's rendering. In fact I think Pyrus had (still has?) a utility that makes pixelfonts based on outline font screen renderings. If so, C&C Red Alert wouldn't exactly be totally ethical, although we certainly have bigger fish to fry...

BTW Aegir, in case a pixelfont might be useful, and your friend wants something that renders anti-aliased but super-clean, ask him to check out my Mana series: