Cyrillic Fonts for Linofilm?

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I have before me a type specimen book titled, in Russian, Образцы шрифтов фотонаборной машины «Линофильм – Супер – Квик» и 2НФА [“Typeface Samples of the photocomposing machine Linofilm Super-Quick and 2NFA”]. It was issued by Kalinin Printing and Publishing Works [Калининским Полиграфкомбинатом] in 1976.

The catalogue shows Cyrillic (Russian) and Latin versions of Helvetica, Times, and Excelsior in a very unusual range of point sizes:

16 (8 × 2)
18 (9 × 2)
20 (10 × 2)
24 (6 × 4 and 12 × 2)
32 (8 × 4)
36 (9 × 4)
40 (10 × 4), and
48 (12 × 4)

Does anyone know where those adaptations of Helvetica, Times, and Excelsior had been developed? Was that in the US, Germany, or UK, and when? Any information would be very much appreciated.

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Linofilm fonts would have been produced by Mergenthaler Linotype. It was the generation of film phototypesetting machines just prior to the V-I-P. I don't know what the "2NFA" refers to.

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The ‘2NFA’ was a domestic (Soviet) phototypesetter.

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It was indeed, something I learned after I wrote the first post. I went back in to edit it and discovered my Internet was down. It just now came back up, hours later!

Anyway, not only did they make the 2NFA, they also made Linotype machines and had the ability to cut matrices for the machines so it is entirely possible they had the means to make film fonts for the 2NFA as well as the Linofilm.

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