Need help ID-ing this font. Please and thank you.

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Please and thank you!

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Instantly thought about Neutraface 2 (Display Titling) but /B looks off.

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Journal Sans is close

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Agree with bojev. Journal Sans is better candidate, overall design comes closer but Bold weight is not enough "bold" (is there any Journal Sans Black?). Could also have been manipulated and artificially emboldened by adding an outline strokes. It also reminds me of NIVEA logo.
More in the same, matching design but these letters only (need to be emboldened): Erbar Bold (Paratype states that Journal Sans design has been "based on Erbar"), Relay Black, Simplo Black, Penumbra Sans Bold, Ealing Black

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Journal Sans could also have been opened in Fontographer and the Change Weight feature used to make a "Black" version.

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