calligraphy style type

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Will someone help me identify this calligraphy style typography?

Many Thanks!

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Jodie, a lot of those fonts are surely derived from the outlines of commercial fonts. Ergo: best not to point to them.


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Innocent until proven guilty?

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well, i would hope. i understand the concerns but in some cases, how would one know that there IS an "authentic" version if it can't be found? aside from having a lifetime of experience and a font history, some of us look and learn through daily experience. if there's some input on how we can positively i.d knockoffs, please let me know.

only in the most extreme "can't find it" cases do i look on dafont and other sites. i try to stick with identifont, what the font, and whatfontis. the latter seems to be the one more likely to kick out a "fake" so i usually take their results and search identifont for similars.

for some i.d. cases doing a google on the actual subject will lead to the info. perhaps finding a pdf from the customer or a better sample that can be more readily used for researching.

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Well, this isn't a court of law, but what about: Beyond a reasonable doubt? :-)

Actually, what am I saying? There's an admission right there:
Kingthings Frontwards
Daft font based on Times New Roman

Now, swiping the outlines of Times doesn't really warrant making a big stink (just a small one) but what I worry about is that once you go down that path, it's unlikely you'll stop. And then I look at Serifique for example, and I worry more.

All I'm saying is: be careful what kind of behavior you indirectly -often unwittingly- promote by recommending certain fonts (and designers). When somebody helps you figure out that your recommendation might be tainted, keep an open mind about it - and err on the side of caution.

"I claim no copyright to this font"

Oh, that makes it all OK then...


When I made Trajic notRoman* from the actual outlines of Trajan, and publicized it, I got dozens of emails wanting to pay money for it. I said no to each and every one.



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Hey Hrant,

This is a forum for identifying a font, not passing judgement on the origins of a font. I know you are on a personal crusade, but perhaps your time is better spent not visiting this section of Typophile?

I realize that I am only feeding your insufferable nature with this post.


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The ID forum is part of Typophile. It's not about me.

In turn I would actually recommend the opposite to you: spend more time on Typophile's other sections, hopefully developing an appreciation for what's really valuable.

This might however be another opportunity to reiterate this suggestion: since many people regularly IDing type don't want to be bothered by ethical considerations, and since they virtually never look anywhere except the ID section*, let's somehow implement a full and formal separation. If we do that I can guarantee you'll never need to suffer my presence again.

* You can tell because when an ID request is placed elsewhere it gets virtually zero response.

Just to be clear: I don't think anybody should get worked up trying to change other individuals; but everbody should be concerned with promoting the integrity of a place they spend a lot of time frequenting, thinking about the consequences of their actions as opposed to simply IDing fonts blindly.


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i guess i'll just stop trying to help people and lurk around checking the images and what other people recommend.

if i can't validate something according to some standard, there's a complaint (unspoken or not). if i link to something deemed "not good enough" there will be a complaint. and if i don't link at all there will be a complaint.

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Jodie, don’t feel discouraged.
You do obviously value type. So, just carry on based on your best judgement. Hrant doesn’t define standards here.

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Jan is entirely correct, on all counts. But of course one's "best judgement" is -hopefully- in a constant state of refinement: if somebody makes you aware of a negative aspect of something, it's both wise and kind to adapt to that reality.

Merely IDing type for its own sake ignores the critical context of the people making the things you're IDing. With the "fun blinders" on you often end up helping/hurting the wrong people.


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