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Can you help me?

Hi everbody,

I would like to know what is this font please?


Thank you very much ;)

Ryuk, especially looking at the designer's other fonts and considering his association with Apostrophe, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable recommending that. And I don't mean because it's too tightly spaced... :-/

Better safe than sorry.


Even if I can only relay on you for the rest of Graham Meade's GemFonts and part of being inspirated by Helvetica (as almost all sans' since it ;)), I really don't feel uncomfortable recommending it. You're the expert so if you find any font which Walkway could have been based on, I would be glad to edit my post and remove the ID. To my eyes, it looks enough different from anything I know, perfectly assuming it is not safe to relay on my poor knowledge and memory.
BTW, do you think all Graham Meade's GemFonts should be considered as "not to be recommended"?
Stupid question now. If I recognize Arial for instance, should you recommend not to ID it or to say "This is Arial, a very well-known Helvetica knock-off"?

Just to be clear: I don't consider myself an expert; it's simply that when you actually go to the trouble of making a full font, red flags go up when you see that sort of thing. I'd be curious to find out what proportion of people who regularly ID fonts have ever made one (I mean that other people would want to actually purchase).

But I actually think your stance is OK (it's all relative after all) and thank you for the offer of amending your post if something turns up. I myself am more cautious, but I'm not going to try to force people to be like me - that's crazy. Pressure, sometimes - force, never. And pressure only when I think it helps the community. At least that's my intention - sometimes I slip.

do you think all Graham Meade's GemFonts should be considered as "not to be recommended"?

I would try to avoid making such a blanket damning statement. But I guess if I had a choice between recommending between two similar fonts I would prefer the one that's not "guilty by association".

Again: I'm not trying to control anybody - I'm simply trying to help this particular community. And if anybody ever feels guilty for some action here, I have to feel that I'm not wasting my time. You can't learn without making mistakes.

Arial: Some people do avoid it as you describe. I'm not that strict. For one thing, Arial's outlines are original (the spacing was indeed copied however - but I don't mind that) and its texture is sufficiently different. But you're right if you mean that corporations aren't saints: just look at Chalkboard! :-/


Well, if its of any interest to you at all, hrant, Walkway was an incomplete font I did, completely from scratch using simple lines and circles in Fontographer. Yes, it is crap. It has nothing taken from anyone elses fonts at all. It shouldnt have been posted anywhere, as it was still being worked on, I sent it nto someone to have a look at, and they spread the thing around without me knowing

Most of the stuff I did is crap, it's crap by association :D

Not that what I say is going to make any difference anyway, hrants correct, avoid walkway and get something better

Graham, thanks for the correction, and the candor.

Maybe it should be avoided, but it's not that bad. :-)