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I'm currently working on building a website for a non-profit fashion organization's blog. Their primary audience is 90% 18-25, 70% female. I'm struggling with finding font options for them and was hoping for some help brainstorming, please.

BTW: the name should be MODA (the all-caps are necessary, apparently).

Thank you!

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This common taxonomy linking a number of threads would be a good start for inspiration:

Other suggestions based on recent discussions here and recommendations from other Typophiles, and fonts that I very much like:

Vinter from Monokrom:

FF Pitu from FontShop:

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How about a détournement of the stereotype?
You could achieve this by playing it straight, except for using sketched versions of the classic fashion fonts.
Google “sketched font” > images.

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Perlo and Perlo Slab are very nice versatile faces. Wonderful x height making it open and stylish too and can be fun to play with...



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All caps may be necessary, but not nearly as much fun…

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