Can anyone please identify these chunky fonts?

Guys Please Help:
1. Toggenbury.
2 Apres SOLEIL.
3. Head Slopestyle Jam.
5. Metal Hardcore.
7. The Official Raiders party.

Note: Not seeking comments from Hrant
Thankyou =)


Apres SOLEIL is a Clarendon. Hrant says buy the real thing, don’t look for cheapo knockoffs =Þ

Alex, know that I am not alone - I am simply the most persistent.

I can't see anything wrong yet because I'm not good at IDing type; once people start IDing that stuff we'll see how the cookie crumbles.

For anybody who mistakes my intent to help (by which I mean much more than merely the person asking for IDs) for a threat, their problem might very well be in the mirror.


"Please help me identify 30 random fonts I put here and let me be picky about who answers"

"No answers from people who can communicate with my conscience."



so nobody knows rest of the fonts.

Thankyou very much Sir

I might do some digging on Komika Boogie before using it.


hrant, do you have a suspect pirate source?

No (although that's a possibility too I guess), I'm talking about the other "p" word: I'm seeing enough "signs" in this case to think that the chances of plagiarism are high enough to bother raising a red flag. I'm providing my experience, potentially preventing a regrettable action; I'm raising awareness in a place founded on the effort of creating fonts.

So I'm not sure if it's clean or not (if I were I would say it), I just like to err on the side of caution. I think my post above is highly tentative, and I feel more such mindfulness is warranted all around.

One problem is that you can only prove that something exists, never that something doesn't! :-/



Dick, why did you remove that interesting discovery you made?

I was just getting ready to say thank you.


(Had hoped beyond hope! you hadn't read it!)

I've always been concerned about Vigilante Type Corp because their name was suspicious as was their motto of "Distroware. Spread like the Plague !".

.. sorta kinda like your intuition thing but with documented confession of maybe possible guilt, perhaps!

@DPape: Are you referencing a source of pirated or plagiarized typefaces with legal documentation? If so, please share this information with the community.

Dick, I hope we're both more friends of this place than we are enemies of each other. And -certainly in the long term- uncovering the truth is good for everybody who cares. So -if you feel up to it- please reinstate the other details you discovered about Komika Boogie.


@Chris: Have nothing. Only by what they called themselves... It's not one of my hobbies to pursue font Vigilantes. With a very short attention span it's hard to track design changes over months, much less decades. Also, font conspiracies are extremely low on my paranoia scale.

The TXT file in the Dafont download gives a nice story about WolfBainX, Vigilante Type Company and CybaPee. They were all there. If someone can validate the writer's identity the circle would be closed like this thread.