Help to identify font!

Can anyone identify this font?
Thank you!


There are at least 2 fonts in your sample.

"ILUSTRADO DE ALAGOAS" looks close to Erasmus Light (or Medium) by Pat Hickson (Red Rooster, 1993). notes about this font:

Based on the Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos design, Amsterdam Foundry circa 1923.

The rest of text looks close to Claire News Light
The Monotype site says "Design foundry Unknown" but in other sites I see this font as:
"Claire News CG Light" - Copyright (c) Miles Inc.,1992
The "Claire News" is also close to Clarendon (it actually looks like a "primitive" Clarendon).

Your text looks as a pre-digital era sample, so if you can reveal more details about it (like publisher, year, etc) I'm sure there are people in here with much more knowledge than me to point you to the right direction.

Thank you so much! The sample is a Brazilian ad from the 2o's. Is from a photobiography of brazilian writer Clarice Lispector.
Thanks again, your info is very useful!!!