I'm trying to identify this font for 3days, yet have no match...
Could you suggest what this font is?

Hey, everyone. Just need to know one particular font. If the exact one can't be identified, that's okay. Something close will do. Seems like it would be simple to find and I know I have seen similar fonts. Any ideas?

Image to work from is attached. Thanks!

Need to redraw this logo.
What font is it?

What the font did not have the answer.

The Mevum font, which is showcased on 26+ since 2011 becomes a whole font-family now. An extraordinary true italic with an 18° angle and appropriate bold styles complete the family.


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New Typeface Neuron

We would like to share with the community the release of our lastest project called Neuron.

Neuron is a fresh and modern sans-serif family with a neutral and soft appearance that make it very versatile. Its possibilities are increased not only by the inclusion of true italics but by the coverage of Latin, Central European and Cyrillic characters also. The italic variants have a slight cursive influence but keep their sleekness at the same time.

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