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dyslexic readers

Best (and worst) Hebrew fonts for people with Dyslexia

I was reading about this great open source project to develop a Latin font suitable for people with Dyslexia, OpenDyslexic. I began to wonder about the experience of Hebrew readers with Dyselxia. What is the best font? What is the worst font?

If there are no good fonts yet designed for Hebrew readers, this would seem to me a great challenge whereby Hebrew typographers could collaborate with one another and with the larger community in designing a better font. The GPL+Font Exception seems like the right license to facilitate such collaboration.

I'd love to learn what anyone knows about Dyslexia and Hebrew reading.

Aharon Varady
the Open Siddur Project

Contextual variants to facilitate readability

I want to know what people think about contextual variants, as seen in arabic, in latin scripts. I am trying to design a typeface that consists of different letterforms according to their context. In otherwords, an a would look different depending if it was interacting with an a straight edge letterform, a curved letterform etc... My hypothesis is that if we can eliminate some of the unnecessary positive and negative space between letters, we can facilitate a more comfortable reading experience. I was wondering if people had any insight? resources that I might consider looking into? Or any examples where this has already been done.