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Wood Type Improv Postcards - Silver on Bordeaux

This set of two woodtype improvisations, is printed in silver ink on Plike, the new sheet from Gruppo Cordenons.
The two designs are printed on the same sheet (8"x6.375"), but can be cut apart to make two 4" postcards.
(If I can find that perforating rule, I may perf them, but I don't know how well they would separate.)

These designs are printed directly with type from our original 19th century Wood Type collection, along with small icons and copperplate cuts. They are 'improvisations' made in the moment, and printed on stock off cut from other jobs.

J2 Online Die-cut cards : Recent work from SlowPrint(tm) : Letterpress for Design

Die-cut round-cornered cards 2"x2" for J2 Online.
2/1 letterpress, Crane Lettra 600gsm (220#) Florescent White
Custom mixed colors.

Design by Brad Emmons (http://bradleyemmons.com Philadelphia)
Printed at SlowPrint Letterpress (http://slowprint.com)

2010: New Letterpress cards for Semiotx from Slowprint.com

Hot off the press, cards for my consulting persona on Hahnemuhle's Copperplate+Bugra custom duplexed to make a 430gsm sheet.

This is the Bugra "Burgundy" color, and bright-white Copperplate etching paper.
The stock was dampened using a 16th century technique before printing from photopolymer plates on the 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill letterpress

The reverse side has been printed with two varnishes, tinted with bronze powder and silver... which only show up when the light is just right. The silvered varnish is used on the front, along with two 'normal' inks.

Impression depth is not quite as dramatic as it seems, but I had to use a hard side-light to be able to see the subtle varnish on the front of the card.

Fonts are Gill Sans with bold and italic. The Semiotx logo is from my own library, A*I Marlowe, a revival based on the Oxford Fell types, the forms here were altered by eye to make the lower-case weights match the caps (or was it visa versa?)