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Zen of Business Cards : Letterpress in B&W! Add your own color with rubberstamps!

Slow Print Letterpress announces "Zen of Business Cards" letterpress cards in black and white.
We've provided templates for convenience, or will accept client provided art in the same Zen spirit.

One popular option is to order these thrifty black and white cards and then get a couple of groovy iconic rubberstamps (like from our dear friend Leavenworth Jackson ) to customize the cards beyond your wildest dreams!

They're printed on the very lovely Strathmore Writing Cover (Soft White 110#)
One catch: we have to fill a press-sheet of 6 to 12 slots before making the film and plates and printing, so putting out the word to your friends and peeps will get you your own cards that much faster!

Wood Type Valentine! Limited Edition

We're offering the last few prints of this one-off broadsheet, just in time for your Wood Type loving Valentine!
All proceeds support the Dubuque Book Arts Center at SlowPrint Letterpress!

Please see the Etsy listing

"Love is an endless mystery for it has nothing else to explain it."
quotation from "Fireflies" by Nobel Prize winning Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore

Letterpress note cards: "Rudolf Koch Quote with Optima" from slowprint.com

The original design was hand-set in foundry Optima and a funky Monotype Deepdene back in the late 1980s, and printed in a small run on the Universal I Vandercook.

I recently discovered the forms still standing in the galley. This new edition is printed on the 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill from photopolymer, made from new repro-proofs taken from the original type, and scanned at 2400 dpi. Minor artifacts from the proofing and scanning were cleaned up in Photoshop prior to making film and plates. However, the original design has not been altered, although it was awfully tempting to tweak the spacing once more before committing it to the press! ;-)

The photo was taken in a strong afternoon sunlight. Apologies for the excessive contrast. Need to find my copy-stand!

2010: Letterpress cards: Silver on Black for Projekt, Inc from Slowprint.com

Designed by Sean Costik of Projekt.

Printed with metallic silver ink on Hahnemuhle German Etching Black 600gsm.
The Projekt logo was 'double-bumped', that is, I stripped the rest of the plate off the base and ran the cards through the press a second time. The Heidelberg's spot perfect registration allows for this kind of extra hit. Few other letterpress machines can match the Windmill!

I generally discourage trying to print on black, since most inks really can't cover and there's no brilliance to the resulting impression.