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Dynamic Fonts, Special Characters & Kerning Issues - Seeking Professional Help

We are developers of an online game and as we develop more using dynamic text we are finding that we need to fix font issues on a font by font basis in order for them to publish correctly within that environment. The main issues that we are running across are with special characters in the Latin character set, primarily accented characters. Sometimes these characters will drop out altogether or will push the following character out by two spaces or so when published. This doesn't happen when the fonts are used statically, only dynamically.

Rebeletter Studios needs a type-savvy web designer...

If anyone can help me or refer me to a good web designer who's familiar with font sites, I could really use the help...I am an independent type designer launching a new type foundry, but I don't have the tools to build and maintain a good site. And frankly I'd rather be designing new type! :)

I can provide content - fonts, graphics, text, whatever - but I need someone with the experience to build it. If you wanna hit me up on here, that's cool. Or e-mail me and I'll give you more details: jim@rebeletter.com

Thanks for reading!


OpenType in Flash

Hi there,

has anybody got an idea how I can embed a font with OpenType Contextual Alternates in flash? Is there a possibility to implement OpenType in Flash or do I have to do it with Actionscript? And can I somehow use these Contextual Alternates in Flash?
I am trying to do something like this in flash:


Thanks a lot!