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Typeface recommendations to pair with Goudy Sans


I'm designing a magazine for a religious organization which features Goudy Sans in their identity (in all caps). I've paired it with Gotham and Cochin in other materials. I want to swap out Cochin for a more versatile, serifed type. I'm also trying to give the magazine a more playful, modern look, and have used Goudy Sans bold in the title in lower case. (Modern Arts and Crafts?)

I'm working with a designer who has brought in Bulmer, but I find it to be heavy as body text. Gotham could also be swapped out.

Any suggestions for a serifed typeface for the body and a sans serif to marry well with Goudy Sans? I've also thought of losing it altogether in the interior. But then it might look altogether foreign to their brand…

Thanks so much for your suggestions!