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The New York Times covers Nancy Sharon Collins’ The Complete Engraver, her book about all things engraved (though its written as if both MOMA and Clinique are active clients—which they are not—correction forthcoming ... ).

Help support the book tour (2 days remaining), it underwrites a four city, east coast book tour, commencing in September when The Complete Engraver hits book shelves.

Some scans from a book I picked up recently (for 25¢). Printed in 1904.

Interesting just to see how the type is set; complex fractions (all are all nut—no virgules to be found), the @ symbol for per-item cost, page structure, impressive engravings for illustrations, and the thoughtful mix of typefaces. Quite a complex project for metal type. All for the kids.

Yes, it has all the answers in the back.


wondering if anyone can pin point a historical model this engravign seems to be based on?? im doing a whole project on statues and id like to set all the plaques and engravings myself in the best matches possible.... but im struggling with identifying the closet matches.

Saturday, October 16 at 2:00 pm
Session IV, Panel 3

“Engraving: Letterpress’s Shy Sister”

The American Printing History Association
35th Annual Conference
Corcoran College of Art + Design
Corcoran Gallery of Art, 500 Seventeenth St. NW
Washington, DC


(This presentation was first given at ATypeI in Dublin, September, 2010, http://www.atypi.org/03_Dublin/40_timetables/main/main12sept_html?date=2...)

Any one know what font this is? Was told it was used for a closed restaurant in Los Angeles...so we know the font exists...
any help would be appreciated...


New article about what is engraving for print application, and, specifically, for the stationery trade in the U.S.


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