¶ While reading again Fred Smeijers' Counterpunch, the author stated that the humanistic writing was a philosophical trend and therefore an artificial form of writing by breaking a cycle and by returning to an ancient era. You may assert that the humanistic writing was the first attempt of post-modernism.

1. Was there another post-modernistic attempt before the·Quattrocento·with a breaking point?

2. How would you consider William Morris' typographic leaning of going back to the humanistic origin? The second post-modernistic attempt?

¶ What are your favourite Venetian typefaces from the Quattrocento or inspired by the Quattrocento?

¶ Find a list as an example to guide you into the humanistic realm. But feel free to add yours.

❧ Jenson (Nicolas Jenson/Franko Luin/Robert Slimbach)

❧ Golden Type (William Morris/Joseph Phinney)

❧ Kennerley (Frederic Goudy)

❧ Hollandse Mediaeval (Sjoerd Hendrik De Roos)

❧ Cloister Old Style (Morris Fuller Benton)

❧ Eusebius (Robert Hunter/Jim Spiece)

❧ Verona (Robert Wiebking)

❧ Centaur (Bruce Rogers)

❧ Hadriano (Frederic Goudy)

❧ Schneidler (F. H. Ernst Schneidler)

❧ Aurelia (Hermann Zapf)

❧ Guardi (Reinhard Haus)

❧ ITC Legacy Serif (Ronald Arnholm)

❧ Apolline (Jean-François Porchez)

Hey all!

This is my first post, so be gentle. My professor, Pablo Medina, suggested this place to ask for some insight on a research paper I'm doing.

I'm basically in the formative throws right now, but I'm working towards some sort of thesis. I'm thinking about discussing how Bodoni as a transitional typeface bridges the gap between serif and sans serif fonts, and/or something else to do with its place in history.

As I said-- formative throws.

My main point of posting here is to ask if you guys can recommend any good sources, print or otherwise, for me to read up on the history and help myself get as close to a perfect grade as possible!

Anything would be appreciated, even just insight.


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