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Web Font Usage - How much is too much?

I have been butting heads with my lead developer lately about how much and how often we should use our brand-approved web fonts. These fonts are Benton Modern and Benton Sans. I would like to maybe even use these fonts for all type on the site instead of trying to pair them with Arial and Georgia. My developer is pushing back because of load time. He'll say "that's a lot of text for a web font"—wanting to only reserve the web font for special instances.

I was under the impression, that once you load a webfont, it's loaded. It wouldn't matter how much you use it within the page. That it would load as fast if you use it for one word, or 1,000 words. We do have a very large site, which is editorial-based with lots of content and I certainly wouldn't want to slow the site down.

Benton - Using WOFF webfonts

We've got Benton Sans as a house font which we've started to implement on the website. The devs are telling me that it's really heavy when users download causing huge caching issues.

The bright idea to reduce the font weight be removing certain characters as now lead to this bodged jagged appearance of our font. Have the developers removed vital data files that effect the render in their hackjob.

So my question is:
Is there a web version of Benton we can purchase, I couldn't find it anywhere.?
so webfonts aren't the holy grail that was once espoused if all these weight issues stop implementation?