I'm pleased to announce the launch of my website. After 10 years by the first time I've seen typophile I finally get my own one and four typefaces on my luggage. See it here! Thanks for your visit!

Hello! I have come here to hopefully obtain the information I'm seeking. I outlined a font I used for a logo in my design class before writing down the font name. The font is no where to be found in my downloads or computer so I'm at a loss here. I've searched the sites I used for this font and simply cannot find it. Could someone please tell me if they know what this font is? I have only included the bit at the beginning because the O is one of the hallmarks of the font. Thank you!

I have a unicode mapped font for devanagari. I have to make a thin version of it, but I don't have fontlab studio. I tried various other tools but nothing worked out.

Anybody here have any idea how to make a unicode mapped ttf (True Type Font) file to thin font.

I'm using Avenir Next Condensed for headers in a design project and was curious if anyone had suggestions of good font pairings to use with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi. Can anyone help me to identify this font please?

It seems pretty "normal" but I can't find it on any of the other font finder sites I have tried.

Hey guys, i really need to get to know, which font you can see on the image..

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Looking for this font

I am looking for this font or something similar, if any one can help me, thank

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Need help

I need to know what font this is... any one know what it is?

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Can someone please tell me what this font is?

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What are the fonts in this design?

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Can anyone help me with the cursive looking font? What is it?

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Help to ID this type

Can some-one help to ID this type. Its from a book cover dating back to 1902. See attachment, thanks
Not sure if the if the T and R, are part of the type?

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Japanese Font on

Hey! Anyone know what font is used on http://www.avast.co.jp/index? Or any other versatile muti-weighted japanese fonts to use for web and app design? Thanks!

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Font search??

can somebody tell me what the "Be happy!" and text at the bottom font is?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I need to redesign this label and lost the used font. Can someone help me to find out both fonts?

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Font Help!

Hi, I need help identifying the font below. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions on a font for a title, and I'm particularly looking for a script font. The problem is, the title includes my full name, and my last name (Pocock) is, well, not rendering very well on any script fonts I have tried so far. The particular trouble comes with the "ococ" - it isn't that common, and I guess there are not many font designers out there that include a specific "oc" ligature. Anyone have any good suggestions? I absolutely love Liana, and Montague Script would be good as well, but Liana doesn't seem to have any ligatures including o's and Montague makes them look a little too close to a's for my personal taste.

Hello, I am working on recreating a Menu for a client. My predecessor created the menu but did not save the file.

Can you help me identifiy the font that is used to write the Dish descriptions please? I'm using Garamond for the Dish Titles.

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Need to know this font

Can anybody help me with a font ID thank you.

Need help to identify embroidery font. Thanks for your help!

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Help Identify Font

Can anyone tell me what font bellow is. Thank you!

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Need Help Identifying a Font

I have had no luck with finding the font shown in the pic below. Please help! Thank you!!

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Help To Identify Font For Attached File

Dear everyone, I have had no luck finding the font or similar font for the attached file. Thanks for your help!

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Help identifying font

Please can anybody tell me what font this is

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