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Plastica: Experimental 3D typeface issues


Hello guys,
I’m nearly finishing work on my new experimental 3D typeface called Plastica. I’m facing few problems I would like to discuss.

It is CFF OpenType made in FontLab on PC. Outlines are very precise and I used atypical custom UPM of 2300 units (23 modules at 100 units). But this should be fine regarding to older nodes on Typophile.
There are two versions: Plastica One (Striped) and Plastica Two (Outlined).
And here is what I struggle with:

1) On-screen rendering issues:

Hanging Punctuation


In the course of developing a revival of Mergenthaler Linotype's Benedictine (1915-1922), I am considering the possibility of including hanging punctuation marks (quotes, periods, colons, hyphens and the like) in the OpenType implementation. I was thinking of using contextual alternates to substitute punctuation marks at the begining/ending of lines with the corresponding hanging (null-width) marks. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to detect within the "calt" feature a begin/end of line event. Is this possible? Or, more generally, is there any way of implementing mechanically this type of substitutions?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Latin characters set in Levenim MT

So the short story here is that I've inherited this logotype on a project and the designer used Levenim MT to set the Latin characters. However, that's a Hebrew font:

What's the best way to approach this?
- Should I attempt to find and substitute a Latin font with identical glyphs? If so, which one?
- Should I just accept that Levenim MT was chosen for its Latin character set?

It's a geometric sans serif and I don't believe the Latin characters are from Futura, because the lower case 'c' has terminals cut radially rather than vertically-sheared.

I've run into this problem occasionally and the more general question I have is:
Are the Latin characters displayed in non-Latin fonts:

Open Type scripting dilemma


hello folks, i have aquestion about ot scripting.

the font i'm working on is uppercase only and it has a lot of stylistic sets. of course i had to include lowercase glyphs too, but they just mirror the uppercase glyphs. however, for the alternative glyphs, i don't do uc and lc for each one of them, only the uc.

then i put only the uc glyphs in my stylistic sets classes and so for this to work with the lc as well, i'm doing a lookup that changes lowercase into uppercase before each substitution.

feature ss01 {
lookup ss01a { sub @lower by @upper; } ss01a;
lookup ss01b { sub @class_0 by @class_1; } ss01b; # they contain only uppercase
} ss01;