Superscript/subscript/fractions & software to aid in design


I never finished any fonts until recently and so I never got to the stage of designing numbers before. While completing all the numeral sets I came to realize that the fractals require their very own set which is distinct from superscript/subscript. I guess I should have realized, and yet I was surprised at the amount of work required to complete all numeral sets.

Greek: Adscript or Subscript Iota?


I've seen many fonts that use adscript iotas in compound glyphs (Ai, Hi, etc.) but there are many others that use it as a subscript, under the main character glyph. Wikipedia says that the adscript is preferred for epigraphy, paleography or other philological contexts blah blah blah...
I ask to the people that know best the language: greek people. Which one is really preferred in Greece? Adscript iotas or subscript iotas? I think they both look nice but I'm not greek, just a guy making a font.
Thanks in advance!

Typesetting and Layout + Inferior text.

Hi Typophilers,

I am keen to seek your feedback on the below problem.

When setting text in a document and the sentence ends with a scientific inferior number (SINF) / Subscript (SUBS), or writing a list of items that contain SINF characters, is it better to write using general punctuation, or use the punctuation provided in SINF/SUBS lookup?

I have provided a sample sentence in the image attached. The sentence at the top used general punctuation for all, whereas the lower uses all SINF/SUBS punctuation. Style Manauals do not provide advice on this particular topic, hence, my question.

Thanks in advance.

Non-standard Numerals and Letters

I am new to designing fonts and was wondering if anyone out there might be able to answer my question: when designing a font what are the typical characters that are included in the superscript, subscript, numerators, denominators and ordinals and scientific inferiors?

Typically Adobe include the characters included in the image attached (where red text shows the text that changed when applying that style), however, I am wondering if there are any more that should be added? Also what is the difference between Subscript and Inferior and Superscript and Superior? I would be grateful for any feedback. Thank you.