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greek font

Typography of a motto for a wedding ring

I am thinking of using 1 Cor 13:13 ("And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.") in the original Greek for an engraving on wedding rings. Here is an initial attempt:

My questions are:
- The font is GFS Neohellenic. It seems to me that a serif font would be less legible at such a tiny size as a wedding ring requires. Do you have any other suggestions?
- Apparently, there is no kerning in GFS Neohellenic. I think I should add negative kerning for the |ΓΑ|, |ΑΥ|, and |ΟΥ| pairs. How big should the kerning be? Are any other pairs jarring?
- Is the word spacing in the first line not too loose?
- Is the leading good?
- Is there anything else that could be improved?

Questionnaire about the needs of Greek typography end-users

During the last few decades Greek typography has been strongly influenced by Latin elements. Often, there is substitution of Greek letters by Latin ones. A few designers try to preserve characteristic Greek typographic elements into their work, but overall Greek typography appears to trend towards Latin assimilation.

a) To define what constitutes Greek characteristics in a font,
b) To delineate the needs and problems faced by contemporary Greek typography end-users (graphic designers, book publishers of Greek texts, etc.)

a) How do you define or how do you approach the issue of a Greek characteristic in a font?
b) What questions would you have for end-users of your fonts?
c) Why do you design Greek fonts?

Maiola supports polytonic Greek


Veronika Burian's multi-award winning type family Maiola has grown even bigger. Its Pan-European OpenType Pro version now supports, in addition to Cyrillic and Latin A, full polytonic Greek. The calligraphic details of Maiola collaborate gracefully with each of the three scripts and generate a sense of consistent personality that creates a welcoming tension on the page. The polytonic extension was done by Greek specialist Irene Vlachou.

More information about Maiola on our web

New Release: Skolar pan-European


The successful typefamily Skolar by David Březina, has been extended to a pan-European character set. This version supports around 90 languages that use the Latin, Cyrillic, or Greek scripts, featuring over 2400 glyphs. The Cyrillic was awarded a Special Diploma at the international type design competition Modern Cyrillic 2009 and won the first prize in the Cyrillic text type category at Granshan 2009. As a bonus, Skolar PE can correctly place any accent from the font above or below all Latin letters, a useful feature for many linguistic applications.

read more http://www.type-together.com/Skolar

Call for Bids - Athena Ruby

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection Publications is sending out a call for bids to create new scholarly inscription font. We are inviting professional type designers to submit bids for the creation of Athena Ruby, a font for the publication of inscribed coins, seals, and other objects from the Byzantine world. Formal review of bids will begin 12 April 2010 and continue until the project is awarded.

For complete specifications for the Athena Ruby typeface and the bidding process, please go to http://www.doaks.org/publications/athena_ruby_bids.html.

Inquires are welcome at AthenaRuby@doaks.org