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SVG fonts kerning and browser support


The SVG font format has support for kerning via the hkern element. Is kerning in SVG fonts supported by any web browser?

I'm just trying to add kerning to my SVG fonts and it didn't work. I'm not sure what the source of the problem is, is it the lack of browser support or is it my font.

Any info or reference implementation would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Generating / converting proper SVG fonts



I am trying to generate clean SVG fonts.
I was using the batik font converter (…
But for some reason it seems to skip some glyphs. Can't manage to get the euro sign for example.

Tried with FontForge as well, no success at all.
What are you guys using? At best not fontsquirrel… ?

Again, it seems our favorite tools are lacking quite important functions.
Not really happy about relying on some command line found through browsing the internet.