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We are delighted to introduce a new a free version of Monotype’s Typecast application, now available through Google Fonts and Monotype: http://typecast.com/google-fonts

Our premium version of the Typecast application enables typographic experimentation without the need to hand code or use expensive design software. In this new public version, users are able to select any font on the Google Fonts website and then follow the link to the Typecast application.

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Fonts.com has redefined its Professional Fonts.com Web Fonts plans to make them more affordable, while adding a free Typecast subscription (worth $29 per month). The new professional plans start at just $40 per month and include 1 million page views per month, but additional page-view packages are available, as needed.

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View Condé Nast Case Study – http://bit.ly/CondeN
View Happy Cog Case Study – http://bit.ly/HapCog

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. has announced the commercial launch of its Typecast™ application, a browser-based tool for designing Web pages with Web fonts.

The Typecast application launches commercially after a year and a half in private and public beta programs, bringing the design community a tool that helps to save time and create better quality Web typography.

Play video: http://vimeo.com/43763778

Typecast Web Design Tool Creator, Design By Front, Acquired by Monotype Imaging

Monotype Imaging has acquired Design By Front Limited, developers of the Typecast™ application, a browser-based tool for designing Web pages with Web fonts.

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