pixel fonts

Looking for a beauty of a pixel

Greetings from the warmth of Sydney! I am looking for a nice font, and I've attached an image of the kind my quest is directed at. This one was taken from the Wrangler Jeans website, and the slabs remind me of pixels. The long search hasn't been too fruitful, so I would really appreciate any tips on nice pixel or slabby faces.


Modular typefaces now and then

Hi everyone,
I need some information/sources on modular typefaces today. I have enough material on historical modular type. I mean reasons for creating and using one.
Now there is a real problem with understanding modular type in today's context. What we can see now is the use of module based system as a stylization. These typefaces neither utilizing some kind of idea/movement nor using modularity for economical reasons ( comparing to 20s and 30s typefaces).
Actually I think every digital font is somehow modular. Module is pixel. LCD screens also utilize module based type.
However different variations of modular typefaces are still created ( even easier now with ”font struct“).