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Optical refinement for Imprint MT based logomark

Hi all,

I'm looking at creating a modified logotype based on Imprint MT, however I suspect that this face was originally created for text, not display, judging by the cut.

In my opinion, these characteristics contribute to it's overall feel of the typeface (and logomark) but I'm wondering whether any optical alterations need to take place - particularly on the arms of the T and E, spur of the S and apex of the A as well as the serif terminals.
I feel a lot of these element could work well but would like some second and third opinions...

Adding OT "size" feature


More and more applications seem to be capable of using the OpenType ›size‹ feature found in some fonts that come in different optical sizes (e.g. Adobe's ›opticals‹, or the Latin Modern fonts). I can't seem to be able to implement that feature to a font I'm designing, though. FontLab, for example, will let me add and save it as part of the .vfb file, but loses it when generating the actual OT file. It won't properly read the size feature, either, when loading a font that has it.

What other ways are there to add it to (a) a font in the making, and (b) to an existing font? Thanks in advance!