An invitation to run Javascriptorium, a real-time 3D animation originally created for the Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead-Sea Scrolls.

Windows (21.7MB)
OSX (23.7MB)

Stay tuned, as the code should be soon released as open-source...


Hi! I am looking for something as close a possible to this vintage Spider-Man font.

All recommendations will be welcomed!



am currently designing logo and ID for an animation studio called
"arc studios".I hav tried out few options and came up with this
idea as attached, this is just the overall shape i am doing right
now coloring part is yet to be done.

arc studios :

So critiq, feedback, ideas on my work is welcomeeee, and it would really help me to refine it.thanks in adv.


The large title font looks familiar but I can't quite place it. Looks like one of those Edwardian revival styles of the 60s... Anyone got a clue?

Can anyone identify this typeface used in the ending credits of this short film?

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