bold sans serif

Website font

Does anyone know what font is used on this website?

WhatTheFont doesn't come up with the right font, and as it is a webdesign template, I cannot pick out what font it is with some kind of tool :S

I'm pretty sure it's a fairly well known font, but I cannot seem to find it...

Sans Bold "34" Wood Letter - Need help locating a version for the computer



I recently did some typesetting at Jarrolds Print Museum, in Norwich, England.

I printed with a wood letter typeface, called 'Sans Bold "34". I've created a logo out of this font, and now want to use it for the rest of the identity. Is anyone familiar with this typeface, and could you recommend a computerised version?


Harry Hepburn

What is the font on this website

Hi there, this is my first post here! I have a client for whom I need to do a one page advert, and I'm trying to make the header the same font as the one they've used on their website here - - I'm talking about the bold sans serif font that says "Clovelly Country Club" in yellow and white next to the logo. If anyone could identify this for me it would be great!