Please help me to identify this font and if possible let me know where i can find it.
This is the font:

Hi all!

This is my first visit and your help would be much appreciated! I was on the website of houseandgarden and found their font so simple and nice to work with. However, I could not identify the font on several websites. I am hoping one of you knows what font this is!

I am not sure if the text "20 HIPSTER HOME TRENDS WE LOVE" and the text below the image "The £3 magic decorating tape from Japan. If you're a hipster, you use it to create your moodboard - you know, " are the same... But I want to know :)

Thanks a lot.

I'm working on a project where we need some old school style numbers for prices. Can anyone name the typeface in the image, or suggest an interesting equivalent.

Many thanks in advance as always...


Hi Typophile,

First time posting on the forum so hopefully some of you guys can help me with this one? I am struggling to identify a typeface which has been used throughout the branding of a company I am currently redesigning.

The typeface is used predominantly in the logo, hopefully when its identified I will be able to see if its commercially available as a web font to use online:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Please help me to identify this font ! Appreciate your help a lot

Can anybody identify or suggest how I can find out what the attached fonts are. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Hi - I can't seem to identify this font. It is similar to Cerigo, but not quite.

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Identify font

Hey folk could anyone identify font of I get close to Playbill but its not perfect match.

Thanks in advance................

I tried many website to see if I can find the font for the name & contact information on the left side of the logo.
Can anyone tell me what kind of font this is?

Thank you!

If someone could please help me find this font - the large script one - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


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Font ID

Can anyone help identify this font? It looks familiar, but I can't seem to find a good match. Thank you in advance.

Hi to All, My name is Matias and I'm from Argentina... I'm need to identify this typography that I think is easy but I have no enough experience like you to do it, please help me, I will appreciate it.


Hello everyone

I have been trying to identify this one for a while and couldn't do it. Very frustrating especially since I am sure I have seen it before.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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help with font

hello can anyone help me identify this font please

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to identify the font below:

Does anyone know what font this is?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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Identify Logo Font

I need some help identifying the "Ray Brothers" font in this logo to help speed my efforts in vectorizing the logo.
Any ideas?


I am hoping someone can help me identify this font used on the cover of John Fante's book The Road To Los Angeles

In case the attachment doesn't work here is a link to the cover:

Thanks for your time and effort!


Can anyone identify this font? It's used in Taschen's gorgeous edition of Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarus. Thanks in advance!

Best wishes

Any ideas? No luck with any other avenues so far. Be my saviors!

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Confounding font

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I couldn't figure out this font with whatthefont or identifont or the help of a few co-workers, or going through my whole font library one at a time, so I ask if you recognize this font.

I have a photo of the font, and a version where I blackened a selection of the letters, and a version where I blackened and sheared the letters back to an angle that seemed non-italicized. Thanks guys.

I'm working on a little project for this association and they have no idea what font was used for their identity. I have searched and searched and found that it is similar to Berling but it isn't quite a match. I will be eternally grateful if you fine folks knew what the main font was or even the font in the tagline "always in season." It would give me something to work with.

Can anyone ID this font from the latest issue of Wired?


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