I would like to know the name of this font. The client cannot remember the name and of course we must recreate some elements. I've seen what you guys do and how quickly you do it. You're amazing. Much thanks in advance.

Does anyone know what’s the name of this font?:

Thanks in advance.

Identify this stylish hand script font:

Any help is appreciated. Closely related fonts are also welcome.

Please help me either identify this font or suggest a company that provides the service of identifying fonts. Please & Thank you!

Hi, this is the font i need help finding, any info would be much appreciated, thanks.

I've looked high and low. I have no idea what this font is.
Can anyone help?

I really like this font and want to use it in a design i am doing. Can anyone give me a very similar or exact font? No idea what it is.
It's from the Saprtan Cricket logo here:

Hi folks

need to identify this font

anyone can help me?

Tank you in advance!

I have been to identifont and whatthefont as well as a few font sites and can't seem to locate this one. It doesn't seem like it is too different from several other block fonts, just can't get a proper match! Any help is much appreciated!

Greetings! I'd like to know the font of following sentences: "Das Ziel!" and "Sieg für HYDRA!".

The former one looks like Tannenberg, but I don't think it's actually Tannenberg.

Thanks in advance.

Felix M.

P.S.: The picture is attached to this message, but can also be found here:

I would be very grateful for identifying the font from the picture.

Hello, I need to identify the font in the left part of the picture, I included both since the other one is P22 Sweepy and both of them are featured in the book Typosphere, however the book only talks about Sweepy and does not say anything about the other one.

In case it helps, the designer for Sweepy was Michael Clark.

Can anyone help me identify this font please.
It is the big "M" I am looking for.



Can anyone tell me what font is this?
In the case, the upper-case serif one.

It seems to have quite a nice variety of weights.


Can you please help identify the script font used in our logo? The designer passed it along to be a few years ago but it's been lost in the mess.

Any help is appreciated!!
The Sexy Lime Crew

I feel like I've seen this ornament hundreds of times, yet I cannot figure out what typeface it belongs to. I've tried various type id systems and none have identified it. Can anyone help? Much thanks!

Does anyone know the font name of the body copy of Gene Simmons/ Shannon Tweed's wedding invitation?

"Saturday, the first of October
Two thousand eleven
Half-past five in the evening
The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California"

Thank you so so much in advance!! :)

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Orvis typeface?

I was wondering if you guys can identify the typeface that reads "distinctive country living". I found this on the Orvis website.

Thank you!


I was wondering if you can help me identify this typeface.

Anyone? Thanks!

I have uploaded an image with the font that I am looking for. Cannot seem to find it anywhere and read that you guys are the best when it comes to identifying fonts. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Came across that font while installing some new brush sets and fell in love with it.


Can anybody help me identify this font? It's from the computer game Left 4 Dead 2. :-p Thanks.


Saw these fonts today and I thought they were absolutely marvellous.
I couldn't readily identify them, so over to you.

I am trying to find out what this typeface is called -

It's from the Port Magazine website (

Could anyone recommend similar fonts, if unable to identify exactly? Any help would be appreciated.


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